Heavy Duty Windsock Poles

Heavy Duty Windsock Poles. Our Heavy Duty blue telescoping windsock poles feature durable reinforced fiberglass. Poles come with a swiveling eyelet tip and a banner clip at the base. Easy to assemble and comes with a fabric bag for easy transport and storage. Less than 4' when stored, these 10' - 32' windsock poles are Perfect for use on your deck, patio, garden, dock, beach house or campsite. Display your favorite flag, windsock, spinner or outdoor decor. Heavy duty Blue windsock poles by In the Breeze.


• Durable, reinforced fiberglass construction
• Feature a swiveling eyelet tip and banner clip at base
• Easy twist to tighten assembly
• Reusable bag for transport and storage
• For use with flags, windsocks and other outdoor hanging décor.

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