American Flags (Polyester)

Polyester American Flags. Our most durable, longest lasting U.S. flag.

We are pleased to include 2-Ply Polyester fabric in our American Flag product line. It is the "top of the line" choice in the polyester flag market. Woven of 2-ply polyester yarn, combines the strength of polyester with an additional richness of color. It is the natural choice of flag users who need the extra durability that can be gained by the use of the 2-ply polyester.

Polyester is the most durable flag material sold today. These American flags are great for outdoor high wind areas. It is durable, offers the brightest colors and flies in a brisk breeze. Our U.S. flags are made and sewn together in the U.S.A. This process assures you consistent quality and value. Embroidered stars on these fine flags. Certified American Made Flags.

These American Made Flags are perfect for Schools, Church's, Municipalities, Commercial, or Residential.


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